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Ghostbusters: ECTO-1 Microfiber Towel handduk 91cm x 61cm

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Our microfiber towels are super-soft, highly absorbent, quick drying and ultralight. They are ideal for travel, camping, the pool and the gym.

Trust me, I’m a scientist… there’s more! Because they are smear free, scratch free, absorb many times their own weight in water and trap tiny dirt particles they are ideal for detailing your former-ambulance-now-paranormal-investigation-mobile. Which comes in handy when you need to remove ectoplasm, or 200lbs of melted Stay-Puft marshmallow goop.

Each towel measures 36” x 24” (91cm x 61cm) and is woven from a special 100% polyester and nylon blend. Each towel weighs 6ozs when dry and is fully machine washable, with detergent only. Fabric softener should not be used.

Product weight: 150 gram(s)
Product size: 910 mm x 610 mm x 10 mm (LxWxH)