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Beetle adventure racing from Electronic Arts (EA Games)
for the N64. Perfect for VW nerds and others interested in racing.

PAL Version (Europe).


NUS-006 (EUR)

Some of the tracks:

Coventry Cove:

The easiest track in the game, and available at the start.
Tour the country side in this course. Drive by hot-air balloons,
a waterfall, a town, a dock, trains, a barn, Stonehenge, a mine
and a castle.

Mount Mayhem:

A chilly race down the side of a mountain. Pass ski resorts,
ski jumps, crystal caves, an alien spaceship, and ice caverns
in this snowy level.

Inferno Isle:

Start your race on a beach but quickly move inward as you
discover a sea side town, erupting volcano, burning village, pirates
attacking a fort, and a T-Rex waiting to take a bite out of you.

Sunset Sands:

Begin at an oasis but quickly enter the harsh desert and
discover a pyramid. Then burst out into an abandoned town and more
ancient statues. But remember, "Good things come to those who wait."

Metro Madness:

Start out on a highway crusing through barricades and rolling
into town. Then bust into a movie theatre, a train station, a casino,
a gas station and a hotel before reaching the industrial section.
While there, you will encounter construction sites, burning buildings,
and parking garages.

Wicked Woods:

Begin your frightening task of exploring a dark night's findings.
Go over bridges, through windmills, churches, and towns. Drive into caves
filled with gold and graveyards filled with ghosts. Then blast through
an old mansion to complete your trip.

In Beetle Adventure Racing you can leave the road behind and drive
anywhere you want. Start out with a Single Race or take on a friend
in Duel Mode, then jump into a Championship Season to uncover hidden tracks.
If you prefer smashing to dashing, duke it out with up to four players in a
Beetle Battle where free-for-all bashing mayhem rules!

No manual and no box, just the game, that we have tested OK!


Shipment: Pick it up here at our address in Denmark, shipment to Denmark and Shipment to EU countries.

Shipment to a danish address:

* GLS packet with tracking: DKK 41 (your local GLS packet shop), or DKK 63 (to your address).
* Post Nord packet with tracking: DKK 50 (your local Post Nord packet shop), or DKK 65 (to your address).


Shipment to an address outside Denmark, but in the EU:

* Post Nord packet/registered mail with tracking: DKK 132.
* Use integrated Tradera shipment solution (with tracking!). Prices depending on receiving country,
currently from approx. DKK 95 to DKK 135 - take at look at tradera's home page.


We reserve the right to change postage prices to match the real prices!



Shipment to a danish address:

* Danish Mobilepay or transfer from a danish bank is recommended and free of charge.
* The alternative is to use Tradera payment, which is also fee-free.

Shipment to an address outside Denmark in the EU:

* Use Tradera payment.

Direct payment to our danish bank account or paypal is very expensive in fees.
We will rarely accept this.


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