Tradera Authenticated

With Tradera's authentication service, you can shop for luxury goods with complete peace of mind. Items within the categories clothing, shoes, and accessories undergo a thorough review by our qualified experts to ensure authenticity. Tradera Authenticated – safe and secure luxury shopping!

Safe and secure

Shopping for second-hand luxury goods can feel tricky and uncertain. But with our authentication service, it's safer than ever. At Tradera, luxury products in clothing, shoes, and accessories go through a rigorous digital authenticity check after being listed. This ensures that all reviewed and approved luxury products meet our strict authenticity requirements.

What does Authenticated mean?

Products that have passed our digital authenticity process are marked with an authenticity watermark. To give you additional peace of mind and security, all authenticated products are covered by our buyer protection with an authenticity guarantee. This means you get a full refund if the product isn't authentic or isn't delivered, and compensation if the condition of the product doesn't match the description.

How does the process work?

After a product is listed on Tradera, it is digitally examined by our experts to verify its authenticity. Every detail is meticulously inspected to confirm the product's authenticity, from receipts and materials to logos, serial numbers, engravings, and seams. Once a product is approved, the listing is marked with an authenticity watermark that confirms its authenticity, while products that don't meet our standards are immediately removed from the platform.

For you as a seller

As a seller, you list items as usual. When creating a listing, it becomes clear what you need to include for items included in our authenticity service. After the item is published, Tradera's brand experts perform a digital review to verify its authenticity. Once the product is confirmed authentic, the item is marked with an authenticity stamp. This provides buyers with increased confidence and improves your chances of selling your item!