Chapters of Life 9781568494364

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THERE ARE MANY CHAPTERS IN EACH OF OUR LIVES Some of these chapters are good, many of them filled with love and joy . . . Others are inflicted with pain and sometimes deep suffering. We must experience all these Chapters of Life before we can move forward on the karmic wheel. . . In this volume we will learn about: A coming new world leader. . . The many mansions and dimensions of the universe. . . A world we all must visit . . . How to close and open a chapter in your life. . .Finding out if Astral is for YOU? . . .Its all here in the CHAPTERS OF LIFE. Rampa's teachings have circled the earth and are just as popular today as they were in decades past. His stories are of a spiritual nature, but they transcend all religion as what he has to say has great meaning for all of us. This is one of his most personal works -- a book that has been written JUST FOR YOU. So take it in hand and explore the world of the unknown -- and let all become know to you in both your heart and your mind!

Titel: Chapters of Life
ISBN: 9781568494364
Bandtyp: Inbunden
Språk: Engelska