Fantastic Four The World's Greatest Comic Magazine (2001) #1 VF

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The grade of this comic is Very Fine.

cover by erik larsen. erik larsen & eric stephenson/tbd/tbd ? THE SCOOP: The House of Ideas kicks off the 40th anniversary of the FF with an all-star salute to comicdom's first family! ? THE STORY: In 1961, a quartet of intrepid explorers rocketed into space?were bathed in mysterious Cosmic Rays?and were transformed into the fabulous Fantastic Four! Mr. Fantastic, brilliant inventor with an elastic body! Invisible Woman, master of force fields! Human Torch, flaming hotshot! The Thing, monstrous man of might! In the years that have followed, this dynamic nuclear family has challenged the unknown, saving our world multiple times from the threat of alien invaders, scientists gone mad, and other-dimensional despots! Now writer/artist Erik Larsen and a host of terrific talents ask "What if Stan Lee and Jack Kirby concluded their historic run on FF with one last wild adventure?" The answer begins at the world famous Baxter Building, home of our famous foursome?which is pillaged and looted by none other than the team's arch-nemesis, Dr. Doom! What is the man in the iron mask looking for? And what does the Mad Thinker have to do with all this? Find out in a year-long tribute to the heroes that ushered in the Marvel Age of Comics! ? THE FORMAT: Each issue of this monthly, 12-issue limited series will be 32 pages, with ads.

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