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48TB Storage Server. 2 Prosessors on mainboard 32GB ECC RAM.

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Auktionen är avslutad

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You are bidding on a 48TB Storage Server, complete with close to new 24x 2TB Western Digital HDDs. Fully working monster/beast that as well comes with a High-end FiberOptics PCI Network card with 2 ports. Linux Centos are installed. 2 USB in front panel and 4 USB at the backside. Naturally the main board has 2 std network slots. PSU are 1000W. Server has 5 high speed fans cooling HDD rows and 2 back mounted high speed fans cooling motherboard, etc. Server has not been used for the last 5 years but boots perfectly into Centos if tested.

This equipment are perfect for FTP server storage rental, Video streaming server, etc.

On the picture its the item that is the largest one and from down and up where u can see the HDD slots repeating 6 rows up.

Very heavy and counts in full with all the HDDs at about 50+ Kilo Grams. Dimensions are naturally normal 19" Rack mount size and length is approx 65 CM. Height is approx 7pc 3.5" HDD on top of each otter.

Based on current marked prices on used 2TB HDD's I can get APPROX 9600kr by sale one by one HDD for approx 400+ kr per unit and there is 24 units; so you get the server cheap. HDD's are almost new and are used approx 400-450 hours after all HDD's was exchanged with new ones (from 24x 1TB disks). Complete server new without HDDs cost approx 9000-11000kr depending on RAM, Processors, etc ordered. Sometimes cheaper than 9000kr but these are worthless due to processors and RAM delivered are too poor, for server usage with that much TeraByte storage space. Since mapping of Storage space on HDDs; the bigger the TB, the more RAM is needed for mapping and the better performance is needed from CPUs.

This server was upgraded for 22000kr after it was purchased. Upgraded items are Processors, PCI Fiber card and RAM. Original CPUs and RAM are used in another server build and does not follow this item.

If you need otter server equipment of any of the otter equipment shown on the picture, these items are as well found here on tradera in another bid "post". You can find these items by see otter items I sale.

The item(s) was used in a Norwegian company who had a video-homepage as primary business! Company did go bankrupt after 5 years and I the CEO and owner transported the items to Sweden when I moved here a year ago.

As this server are very heavy and outside of shipment calculators range, I sett a relatively High shipment price to be sure I am not paying any shipment. Once there is a winner on this bid, it will be sent and if ever the shipment will be cheaper than the sett shipment, the remaining balance will be refunded by swish. If not I pay the remaining shipment cost with no extra charge.

I will update with more pictures on demand.