"Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla" (Japan 1994)

  • Godzilla gegen Spacegodzilla
  • Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla
  • Gojira tai Supeesu Gojira

Import release
English (fixed german subtitles) and German audio, 100% uncut , new and sealed!

Region2 DVD (playable in Sverige and rest of Europe)
only have to press the "audio/language" button on your dvd-players
remote control to change from german to english audio's very


When Mothra went into outer space to stop a meteor from reaching
Earth, she accidentally took with cells from Godzilla and remaining
cells from Biollante that inhabited our atmosphere. The combined cells
went through a black hole and created a new creature, Space Godzilla.
Space Godzilla heads to Earth to confront Godzilla, Junior Godzilla, and
the new G-Force robot, MOGERA."

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