Every 3000 years the realms of demons, humans, and man-beasts are united by the revival of the hideously powerful Overfiend - whose coming means chaos and destruction!

Demons and fiends scour the human world for signs of his coming. Two such creatures, Amano Jyaku and his sister Megumi have tracked the Overfiend to an unlikely place, Myojin University in Japan, and after a night of horrific revelations their lives will be forever changed!

* Interactive Menus
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* Comics
* DVD-Rom: Connection to CPM Website, Art Gallery, Character Gallery and Comics.

"Urotsukidoji:Perfect Collection is the sickest, most bizarre, disturbing and wondrous release to pass my viewing station in quite some time...very highly recommended."
- The Cinema Laser

Region 0, fungerar på alla DVD-Spelare.
Denna Dvd Film har Japanskt Tal och Engelsk Textning

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