JOAQUIM AGOSTINO HISTORIA DE UM CAMPEAO 1943 - 1984 (VHS PAL) - Portugal utgåva /Portugisiskt tal i filmen

VHS film dokumentär om Portugisiska cykel atleten Joaquim Agostino.

Filmen är ny i obruten förpackning.

VHS Video Cassette tape released in Portugal with documentary about the famous Portuguese bicycle athlete Joaquim Agostino.

This VHS movie is new in sealed box.


Joaquim Fernandes Agostinho, OIH (7 April 1942 – 10 May 1984) was a Portuguese professional bicycle racer. He was champion of Portugal in six successive years. He rode the Tour de France 13 times and finished all but once, winning on Alpe d'Huez in 1979, and finishing 3rd twice. He died after colliding with a dog whilst leading the Tour of the Algarve.

Agostinho was born in a small village, near Torres Vedras. He lived for several years in Casalinhos de Alfaiata. Out for a ride as a youth, he encountered Sporting Clube de Portugal's cycling team on a road near Casalinhos de Alfaiata - Torres Vedras. He began an impromptu race; the team could did not catch him, even though Agostinho was riding a standard steel bicycle.


  • PAL
  • VHS Video
  • Colour
  • Approximate Playing Time: 43 minutes
  • Portuguese Speech


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