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XTZ Subkabel 3m - Pearl White

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XTZ Subkabel 3m - Pearl White.
Nypris ca 600 kr.

Sub Cable - Pearl White 3m / A signal cable for those who demand a bit more

XTZ Pearl White - RCA kabel.

A High End signal interconnect cable for those who want the best at the lowest possible price. Well shielded and robust but still flexible. Equipped with solid connectors with locks.

XTZ Pearl White has a silver plated core, made from oxygen free copper for a well defigned characteristic impedance, low capacitance and inductance. This ensures the best possible signal transfer without losses.

* Double shielded
* Air isolated dielectricum
* Diameter 10 mm
* Silver plated oxygen free copper
* High-End gold plated connectors with lock function
* Mechanically stable and robust but still flexibl
* Available in lengts of 3 & 5 meters

The connectors are the absolutely most robust model (50 mm long and 15 mm diameter) with a lock function.

The best cable is the one that doesn´t sound at all
Our standpoint is that the best cable is the one that doesn´t sound at all, or in other words does not affect the signal in any way. It´s no secret that the sonic influence of cables is a very frequently debated subject within the High End audience. Many manufacturers promise you the world if you just buy their cables. At the same time, it´s often difficult or even impossible to measure any difference in performance between different cables. We choose not to get involved in the subjective discussion about what cables sound good and so on. But are happy to explain in technical terms the importance of good quality cables.

Keeping external interference away from the signal path is just as important as measures to ensure a distorsion free and clean signal itself. A well shielded cable helps achieve this. Pearl White has a double shielding to effectively stop external magnetic fields and interference from entering the signal path.

Characteristic impedance
A cable with a balanced ratio between capacitance and inductance shows a characteristic impedance, or a constant AC resistance. In the same way a TV cable transfers the signal long distances, can an audio cable transfer sound in a very precise manner, regardless of frequency.

A "regular" cable quickly suffers from losses due to inductance or capacitance as frequency increases. The results are usually "ringing" near resonance frequencies, time displacements that are frequency dependant, and other forms of distorsion affecting the original signal.

This can show up as diffuse treble or uneven frequency response. To avoid this, our cables have a well defigned characteristic impedance, constant throughout the range.

Mechanical stability
We put great effort into the mechanical quality of our cables. Good connectors and rigid jackets minimize the risk of poor contact and other problems. Besides, the cables will last for a long time, even in tough environments.

Technical Specifications::
The connectors are really powerful (50mm long, 15mm i diameter) and have a locking system

Construction type:
* Double shielded
* Air spaced PE isolation
* Silver plated oxyfree copper
* High-End goldplated connectors with locking system
* Mechanical stabile and still flexible

Length (cable) : 3000 mm and 5000mm
Length (connector): 50mm
Width (diameter): 15 mm