Three original, vintage (fine detailed with coarse 0-gauge wheels) North Eastern Railway kit-built clerestory coaches. The three coaches run smoothly and look excellent behind a steam locomotive such as the Flying Scotsman (also available in a separate auction).

One coach is 1st / 3rd class compartment and two are 3rd class (with guard) compartment coaches.

All are in very good totally original condition and are of wooden construction with detailed cast metal double bogies. The original colours and lining are bright and complete but the there are some minor paint chips. All text is hand painted and clear and bright.

These are coarse scale, detailed models (possible from the late 1950s) and their condition commensurate with their age (ca. 70 years old). They are complete and there is no evidence of damage. All couplings are present however, one or two buffers are missing.

I have several other wagons from Rivarossi, Hornby, Dapol and Lima and a large collection of english 00 items still to be listed.

If you would like more information or additional photos, just ask!