This beautiful set of 44 Orb Cards plus 40 page booklet (packaged in a square tuckbox) will inspire and empower the user to connect with the energy of a particular Orb for personal and planetary transformation. This is the first set of Orb Cards to be created and comes from the 'Angel Lady' Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.The Orb phenomenon is one that is gaining more and more interest. More and more people are photographing images of Orbs and the authors of the deck, Cooper and Crosswell, have been sent thousands of images by people asking for information on what they are seeing. Cooper and Crosswell are rapidly becoming recognised as the experts on Orbs and their interpretation. Their recent books, Enlightenment Through Orbs and Ascension Through Orbs, have become bestsellers.Titel: Orbs Cards (44 Cards)ISBN: 9781844091768Bandtyp: Kort/tarotSpråk: Engelska


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