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Funny Toy Car OWI Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Vehicle

You've heard of fuel-efficient cars that can run on the 'smell of an oily rag' - but have you heard of a car that can run on salt water? You have now! The Salt Water Fuel Car is designed to ignite children's imagination and fuel their appetite for science in general and renewable energy in particular.

Just think... two thirds of the earth's surface is covered in water, salt water - clean, green energy that doesn't involve drilling into our oceans, polluting our air and contributing to climate change. The Salt Water Fuel Car demonstrates to children a more effective use of our natural resources.

Each part of the Salt Water Fuel Car is environmentally safe, non-toxic and clean and your child will have both the fun of building it, powering it and playing with it.

Once the fuel cell module has been activated with a salt water mixture, the magnesium metal sheet (three sheets included), it provides enough power to operate the car for 5 - 7 hours continuously! Of course, since that's a long time to play in session, to park the car you simply remove the fuel cell module, rinse it with tap water and dry and its ready the next time you want to take it for a clean, green spin.

Open your child's eyes to the possibilities of clean energy with the Salt Water Fuel Car - and one day, they might be able to build the real thing!

*Powered by salt water and fueled by creativity.
*Salt Water Fuel Cell Car gives children a chance to learn about new forms of clean energy while building and powering their very own toy.
*After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture.
*The magnesium metal sheet (3 sheets included) can operate the car for about 5-7 hours continuously.
*If you want to park the vehicle simply take out the fuel cell module and rinse with tap water and dry.
*No batteries required just add salt water.
*Eco-Friendly and energy saving.
*Only two drops of salt water can make it run 200 meters.
*Easy to take out the FC module when not in use.
*Detailed assembly and operation guide.
*Color: Blue with White

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