NY!DIY Lucky Growing Grow Magical Crystal "Thank You" Vit

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*It is said that crstal has special power and magical energy, which can help people to prevent from disaster and carry out thier wishes. Now you have a chance to DIY your own crystal, witness its growth and make your wish upon it.
*Environmental, safe and non-toxic.
*Esay to operate, a big funny to see crystal growing.
*Great decoration for your office, home, bedroom and dorm.
*Excellent educational kit to inspire your kids
*Best gift for friend, family and lovers.
*Size: Diameter (6cm) / Height (7.5cm)
*Package: beautiful package included

Package included:
*1 x Crystal powder
*1 x Crystal seed
*1 x Stirring rod with scale
*1 x Glass bottle with cork
*1 x cork with LED Light
*1 x Rope
*1 x Label

How to operate:
*1, Take the crystal seed out of the bottle
*2, Insert the stirring rod inside bottle, arrow should be pointing downward
*3, Pour hot water (100°C) into bottle, keep water up to the marker on stirring rod (NOTE: For countries with very cold weather, please warm the bottle before pouring hot water)
*4, Pour crystal powder into bottle and keep stirring until all powder is dissolved
*5, Wait and pray for 3 minutes
*6, Put the crystal seed into bottle, make sure its cambered surface upside
*7, Close the bottle with the cork and crystal will start to grow within few hours
*8, After 24 hours, open the cover. It is very important for the crystal growing.
*9, Crystal will keep growing (12-15 days) while the water inside will be absorbed. Once the water level is lower than the crystal, pour out the remaining water and clean the bottle.
*10, Put the crystal into the bottle and cover the bottle with the cork. Make sure its dryness and far away from sun.

*Payson (Visa/MasterCard/Internetbank)

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