Viking Early medieval small silver twisted bracelet with snake heads - 45 x 42 m

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9-12 century, Europe
Subject: Ancient Silver bracelet
Culture: Early medieval Viking
Stulecie / time frame: 9-12th century
Material: Silver
Dimensions (in cm): inner diameter 4.5 cm * 4.2 cm
Condition: In good condition, see photo
Origin: Europe
Very beautiful silver twisted bracelet small size. Bracelet is rare.
The bracelet is not cleaned, washed with water. Bracelet is whole wich it is suitable for wearing.
The inner diameter of the bracelet is small. On the ends of the bracelet you can see the heads of snakes, which is a symbol of wisdom. On the inner side of the bracelet, the notches are visible.
Weight - 16.19 grams
The bracelet in the hands is very pleasant, it causes good positive emotions.
There are traces of wearing, blows, which in general does not appear on the bracelet.
Generally the object is worthy of your attention!