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Large Palden Lhamo, Sridevi Thangka Thanka, Buddhism, Buddha

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Thangka size 125cm x 67cm, 49" x 26"
Some gold colors used in thangkas, exclusive genuine silk brocade value 100$The giclees prints are fashioned to match as closely as possible the proportions, colors, and luminosity of the original thangkas. The photos do not capture their amazing detail and beauty in real life.

Palden Lhamo is the only female deity in the group of Dharmapalas. As such she has a very important position and is much loved by the Tibetan people. In Sanskrit she is called Shri Devi meaning Lady Goddess or Great Lady.

The most common story about Palden Lhamo concerns her marriage to Shinje, the King of Lanka.

“The King of Lanka was a very nasty character and had a penchant for executions, murder, and widespread slaughter of many of his subjects. The king also wanted to expel Buddhism from his kingdom, probably since he felt it would constrain his bloodlust activities. Palden Lhamo, his wife, vowed to convert him into a supporter of Buddhism and make him a gentler and kinder king - or to put an end to his dynasty.

They had a son, and as the boy grew up, Palden Lhamo continued in her efforts to change the ways of her bloodthirsty husband, with added urgency since the king was instilling his bloodlust values into their son. Indeed, the young prince looked willing and indeed eager to continue the work of his father. Palden Lhamo finally acknowledged her failure and vowed to stop their son from continuing the murderous ways of his father and expelling Buddhism from the kingdom.

Shortly thereafter, while the King was away on a hunting trip, Palden Lhamo killed her son. She skinned him, drank his blood, and ate some of his flesh and organs. The skin was used as a saddle blanket on her steed as she fled the palace for her home north of Lanka in Tibet.

When the King returned to his palace, he discovered the hideous deeds of his wife. In his rage, he grabbed his bow and with a loud curse shot a poisoned arrow into the air at his errant wife. The arrow missed Palden Lhamo but struck and imbedded itself in the left rump of her steed. With great care she removed the arrow and made the wound turn into a large eye, which she admonished to watch out over the Tibet area and ensure the end of the malignant kings of Lanka.”

Palden Lhamo is the Chief Protector of the Gelug (Yellow Hat) order. She is also a protector of the Sakya order, and the Dalai Lamas. As the emanation Ma Mo she is the Protector of the City of Lhasa. In another emanation, she is the consort or yum of Six-armed Mahakala (gonpo chakdrugpa).