Usnisa-sitatapatra Thangka, Thanka, Buddha, Buddhism

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Thangka size 125cm x 67cm, 49" x 26"
Some gold colors used in thangkas, genuine silk brocade value 100$The giclees prints are fashioned to match as closely as possible the proportions, colors, and luminosity of the original thangkas. The photos do not capture their amazing detail and beauty in real life.
Usnisa-sitatapatra in Tibet called "Durkar¡". "Durkar¡" means "white umbrella¡". Usnisa-sitatapatra is one of the Goddess, is a female counterpart of the thousand-armed form of Avalokiteshvara. She has one thousand faces, arms and legs; each face has three eyes, and she has one eye in the palm of each hand and the sole of each foot, showing that she watches and protects sentient beings. Her central faces are white (as is her body); her right faces are yellow, the faces at the rear of her body are red, and the left faces green; there is also a "tier" of blue faces at the top of her head. Her right hands hold wheels of the Dharma (dharmachakra) and her left hands hold arrows; one of her other left hands also holds aloft a white umbrella which also symbolises her protection.

Usnisa-sitatapatra has strong and magic power to influence all living creatures with her noble moral. The white umbrella in her hand is one of the eight pieces of treasures which is said can be used to drive away obstacles and bring peace.