General Chaos - Calamity Circus CD

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General Chaos is a German ?Death n Roll? band They formed in 2008 and anno 2010 the band released their debut album ?Calamity Circus?.

Death N roll? good. We got in the house; two ex-guitarists of the band Dew Scented, a band that got their name out quite well. Though, this one might rise some questions. Death n Roll is an interesting description of Thrash/Death Metal, but perhaps they thought that naming it like this would make us more curious, something that the artwork certainly did not. Ah well instrumentally the band seem to do ok. Not much more than that though. The riffs stay back in speed at moments where you expect an outburst and over all the songs never really stick out. After listening the album a couple of times it still doesn?t stick in mind and it seems like that after half an hour and eleven songs there has not been a climax found on the album. It is not completely bad, the band seem to play their basics quite well, but it is not an exciting album, which is disappointing as with these two guitarists on board I had a bit higher expectations of this release. Perhaps the next album will bring a little more.

01. Speech
02. Black Belt
03. Second To None
04. Trailer
05. Screen Berets
06. Kingsize Overdose
07. Calamity Circle
08. Swedeheart
09. Incessantly
10. Powder Monkey
11. Black As Disease