Various - The One World Tour Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

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All the great songs from the amazing new film from One World Studios! Every country they visited featured a band from that country, this is definitely a unique soundtrack and a great gift!

1.The Way That I Was (Smiling Face Down)
2.Millerntor Roar (Rantanplan)
3.Tippelbruder (Phantastix)
4.Dynamit (Nobelkommitten)
5.Ge Upp (Nobelkommitten)
6.Motorcycle Gang (Cosh Boys)
7.Winkel (Moritz Kraemer)
8.Ich Bich Nicht So Wie Jeder Andere Auch (Superpunk)
9.500 Mujeres (Guadalupe Plata)
10.Le Grenier (Jessica Fichot)
11.Il Treno (Talco)
12.Roll The Bones (Frank Carillo & the Bandoleros)
13.Another Bender Might Break Me (Hellbound Glory)
14.Wild as the Sky (Julie the Band)
15.Bad Place (Ezio)