Underdog - Matchless - CD

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In the late '80s, Underdog were a staple of the New York hardcore scene. The band was spearheaded by vocalist Richie Birkenhead, who played guitar in Youth of Today between 1986 and 1987, and Russ 'Wheeler' Iglay, who did time in Murphy's Law. And while Underog only lasted four years and went through numerous lineup changes, they made their mark with tight, punchy and melodic songs and lots of cool skateboard imagery.

On May 18, the band's discography will be reissued on a CD titled 'Matchless.' "This release has been a long time coming," said Iglay. "We're glad that it's going to see the light of day this spring on Bridge Nine, and we can't wait to get out there and play more shows this year."

The album features the 1988 demo 'Over the Edge,' which scored Underdog a deal with Caroline Records, and the full album 'The Vanishing Point,' produced by the legendary Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits).

Back in 1989, Underdog supported 'The Vanishing Point' with a full U.S. tour, but the members weren't getting along and after they arrived back home they canceled their European tour and decided to go on hiatus. The break seemed permanent until 1998, when the band did a reunion tour. Look for shows this summer.

1. True Blue
2. Special Forces
3. Not Like You
4. Frontside Grind
5. Say It (To My Face)!
6. Never Too Late
7. Looking Out For You
8. Friends Like Them
9. Over The Edge
10. A Lot To Learn
11. Underdog
12. Mass Movement
13. Reach Out
14. Without Fear
15. The Vanishing Point
16. From Now On
17. A Lot To Learn
18. Over The Edge
19. Mass Movement
20. Never Too Late
21. Back To Back
22. Underdog
23. Without Fear
24. Blindside
25. The Vanishing Point
26. No Matter What