Deadline - We're Taking Over - CD

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Welcome to our 5th Album, no 3rd person bullshit this time, we´re DEADLINE and we´re taking over.
This collection of songs contains 4 brand new tracks and 13 songs played live in Germany. The 4 new songs were written by Liz (with some help from new guitarist Doudou) in 2007 and recorded in February 2008 by Andy Davies at Earthwork Studios in North London.
We like them a lot, we hope you do, too. The Live set comes from a show in Lichtenfeld Stadthalle which we played in the summer of 2007. Unlike 99% of the live recordings out there, the set you can hear on this recording has not been fixed or altered in any form. What you hear is what the crowd heard that night. We didn´t overdub any guitars, we didn´t auto-tune the voice, we didn´t fix any mistakes, we didn´t add any crowd noises, we didn´t even edit the blanks between the songs! What you hear is what they got!
For those of you with a musical ear you´ll spot the mistakes, but that´s part and parcel of a live show. When a band is having fun on stage, they don´t worry too much about technicalities. These songs are played much faster than on the studio recordings, but that´s what you get when you catch us on adrenalin fuelled form. So we suggest you sit back, have a drink, close your eyes and imagine you´re there with us, down the front, singing along and having as much as we did that night. Enjoy and see you on the road!

01. Too Late Tomorrow
02. We Are Not American
03. Smell The Coffee
04. We´re Taking Over

Live Tracks:
05. Blood On your Hands
06. Serious
07. Take No Chances
08. This Girl
09. Taken For A Ride
10. Keep On Running
11. Liar
12. Round The Corner
13. It Girl
14. Time Ran Out
15. Going Nowhere
16. Give It Back
17. The Way We Were

Multimedia Tracks:
01. Take No Chances (Live Video)
02. Last Night (Live Video)

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