Rat City Riot - Better Than Nothing - CD

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RAT CITY RIOT is at it once again, with their latest release, "Better Than Nothing" on their family record label I HATE PEOPLE RECORDS. RAT CITY RIOT is back, stronger than ever, and will be tearing across the terrain, onto a stage near you with a vengeance.

RAT CITY RIOT will be smashing their way back onto the streets of Europe in February of 2011. These Street-Rock gladiators are battle tested and have the miles (or Kilometers) behind them to lay a proper foundation for an assault on the very core of what you know about this band, and what you've been told that Rock and Roll should be.

Blasting out of the gate with songs like 'Save Your Soul' and 'Long Run', RAT CITY RIOT let everyone know exactly where they stand as a hard-working, touring machine that pulls no punches and has no qualms about telling it like it is.

New additions to the band include Kevin Grossman (ex Bonecrusher and Straight Faced) on lead guitar, and Kevin Abrams on bass guitar. Back for more, are seasoned touring veterans, Noah Bricker on vocals, Andy Mensing on guitar, and Gavin Glenn on drums.

The road for street-punk rabble rousers RAT CITY RIOT hasn?t been without its bumps and crashes, or for that matter, stinky socks and bloody knuckles. After 700 shows and several members, the now 5-strong group from San Diego is finally putting feet to ground and fist to face. Since 2003, the spirit of Oi, hardcore punk, and balls out rock-n-roll has pumped RAT CITY RIOT to perform globally from the local homegrown towns to the metros of Europe.

Original member Noah Bricker (vocals) needed no permission to start up their aggressive punk rock fueled mission. From the beginning, the boys have had to scrape by with little to nothing, but with true DIY ethics and a concrete allegiance to their music.

The guys? can boast sharing the stage with Dropkick Murphys, Slaughter & the Dogs, The Business and Roger Miret and the Disasters. In the spring of 2011, RAT CITY RIOT blitzes over Europe with new material from the forthcoming release ?Better Than Nothing?.

Take it or leave it, RAT CITY RIOT`s motto is:

?Image is nothing. Live the life, not the lifestyle??

01. Save Your Soul
02. Better Than Nothing
03. Long Run
04. Dirty Rotten Games
05. Waiting Room (Fugazi cover)
06. Counterfeit
07. Trapped
08. Foot To The Floor
09. Mass Produced
10. Punch Out