Generators, The - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - CD

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The story actually goes way back to the late eighties when vocalist Doug ?Dagger? Kane, and drummer Dirty Ernie Berru were pounding the pavement with their prior band SCHLEPROCK. The 2 seasoned veterans stayed out touring for eight long years and took the project as far as they could, by crossing over 3 continents, and selling over 100.000 records. They found themselves picked up by Warner Brothers Records, and smeared all over the national radio and MTV. In early 1997 internal struggles emerged within the band, and Kane, and Berru left the project behind due to creative differences. What turned out of all the insanity was even more insanity and THE GENERATORS were conceived.

The ball got rolling quickly for THE GENERATORS and by the Summer of 1997 they already had their first album ?Welcome To The End? released with the L.A. based Triple XXX Records. Now after nearly 12 years the band has stayed truly dedicated to releasing quality, timeless recorded music and videos so they can be heard and seen by as many people as possible. In a little over a decade they have released 6 full - length albums, 2 EP?s, 1 split EP and appeared on scores of compilations. In early 2009 the band went out and added drummer Derek O Brien from SOCIAL DISTORTION, to the mix, and jumped back into the studio to record a new album.

Now they are back again, presenting a dozen of great street anthems on their 7th album ?Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea? and it's amazing how this band still can improve their sound and songwriting. Songs like ?Sound Off The Alarms? or ?Day Of Reckoning? are earworms you won't get out of your head. This record is a co-production between Concrete Jungle Records and People Like You Records but above all it is definitely a must-have for every punk and rocker! 12 songs.

01. The Devil's Lament
02. Sound Off The Alarms
03. Every Waking Moment
04. Smoke And Mirrors
05. Day Of
06. Worlds Apart
07. Same Old Day
08. Southern Nights
09. Somewhere In The Rain
10. Trainwreck
11. Right Beside You
12. Lonely Boulevard