Generators - Excess betrayal And our Dearly Departure - CD

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Spawned out of the dirt and grime of downtown Los Angeles in 1997, THE GENERATORS, a Punk Rock band that would eventually become legendary worldwide, had an unbreakable foundation in vocalist Doug Kane and drummer Ernie Berru. Kane and Berru had already had immense success in the Punk outfit SCHLEPROCK, signing to Warner Bros. Records, a major label known for its iconic artists and unforgettable Rock acts.

SCHLEPROCK would inevitably prove to be anything but what their humorous name implied; their songs were picked up by every major radio market in the United States, and their video was put into heavy rotation on MTV, boosting their record sales way beyond the 100,000 mark. As if this weren't enough, SCHLEPROCK would go on to tour incessantly, stretching their dense sound across four continents and sharing the stage with other Punk Rock legends such as Rancid, Bad Religion, and label-mates, Green Day. But it wasn't enough. Unsatisfied with their then line-up, SCHLEPROCK disbanded to lead the way for something better and nothing less than seminal, THE GENERATORS.

1. Roll Out The Red Carpet
2. Skeletons
3. New Disease
4. 30 Seconds
5. My Curse
6. Out Of The Shadows
7. Waisting Your Time
8. Dying In A Rock N Roll Band
9. Transmitter
10 .Tranquilized

Released in Germany 2003 by People Like You Records.