Total Chaos - Avoid All Sides - CD

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Almost 18 years ago (Sept.-Oct. 1989) in Pomona Valley, CA was the birth of TOTAL CHAOS. Created out of the desperate need to save a dying genre of punk rock- during a time that the market was saturated with a more commercial ?new style?. Along the side of a dedicated few other bands who believed in the dying genre and all that it represented- to them it was not only music- but a forum- to convey important political and social views.

And now finally after almost 4 years a brand new Record of 13 new tracks (Avoid All Sides) with some of the best songs the band has ever written sure to impress even the worse critics. In this new era the message is stronger than ever before- there is a sense of urgency coming from the band- regarding social and political reform- it oozes from their music and is undeniable to any that listen. After 18 years TOTAL CHAOS. has grown as a band and has seen many come and go- but they have always kept their original ideals of what their genre of music is all about- which hasn?t been proven to be easy- during a time of mirages and deceit. Regardless of what you believe, whether you are pop punk, street punk, hardcore, straight edge, political punk, goth punk, skate punk, crust punk, metal punk, straight punk rock (the list goes on and on)- TOTAL CHAOS.`s style of music can unify them all- bringing them back to one scene and that is PUNK ROCK!!!!

1. Speak No Evil (intro) 1:19
2. Professional Liars 1:42
3. Tomb Of Doom 1:58
4. Fuck The C.H.P. 2:12
5. Dancing On Your Grave 2:24
6. Avoid All Sides 1:56
7. Pure Insanity 2:10
8. Don't Care Anymore 2:16
9. Bombs Away 2:24
10. Send The Boys Home 2:26
11. No Loyalty 2:07
12. America Über Alles 1:41
13. What We Are 1:59