Mad Sin - 20 Years In Sin Sin *Ltd. Digipack* 2 x CD

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*Ltd. Digipack* 2 x CD

MAD SIN were born in 1987 out the hard rockin?, street fighting, hard drinking, seedy gutter of the Psychobilly/Rockabilly/Punk underworld that festered in a Berlin still entombed by the Eastern Bloc. Not even the Iron Curtain could stop the spread of the sickness that spewed from the first incarnation of the band, Koefte, Stein and Holly when they blasted headlong into the thriving European Psychobilly scene with their first full length album ?Chills and Thrills?.

?20 Years In Sin Sin? is a celebration of the lifetime of musical depravity that has epitomised the career of the band.

This collection spans the years since their inception back in those squat dwelling days of two decades ago.

As well as old favourites and rare B-Sides the new album boasts six brand new studio tracks, five which emanate from the poison pen of Koefte De Ville as well as barnstorming live performance recorded on their triumphant tour of America last year which climaxed at this Hollywood show and was recorded by Moses Schneider producer of The Beatsteaks for prosperity.

This year promises to be the biggest ever for MAD SIN as they tour this new release the world over to satisfy the ever growing demand of fans clamouring to witness MAD SIN in the flesh where they are in their element. Travel plans include another tour of , an already glorious performance in St Petersburg, , which was streamed live on the internet and first time tours of and . Bad taste never sounded so good and no band does it better than the angle grinding, flame blowing, original wild men of German Psychobilly: MAD SIN.


CD1 (Studio)

1. Sindicate Deluxe
2. Rusty Nails
3. Pigfarm
4. 50 Miles To Nowhere
5. Lullaby
6. F.T.W. I Said One Day ...
7. Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen
8. Dirty City
9. Psyclops Carnival
10. Ride This Torpedo
11. Crack In The Box
12. Secret Plan
13. Viva Le Rock

Bonus Track:
14. Blindspot '87

CD2 (Live In Hollywood)

1. Intro
2. Scarred Ol`Heart
3. 1000 Eyes
4. Outta My Head
5. Speak No Evil
6. Nothing`s Alright
7. Sell Your Souls
8. Communication Breakdown
9. Dead Moon
10. Fuel For Brains
11. Sin Is The Law
12. All This And More
13. I Shot The Sheriff
14. To Walk The Night
15. Meat Train At Midnight
16. Psychotic Night

Multimedia Bonus:

1. I Shot The Sheriff
2. Meat Train At Midnight
(filmed Live at Force Attack Festival / Germany 2006)

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