Toasters - 2Tone Army - CD

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(Hard Band For Dead re-press)

Just finished up all the artwork and audio mastering for The Toasters 1996 album, Hard Band For Dead, re-press as "2Tone Army".
This was one of the most successful albums of the 90's "skaboom" craze that swept the nation. Spawning two music videos what both had regular rotation on MTV and M2, as well as landing the band the musical recording duties for the Nickelodeon based animated show KABLAM! This was also the record that introduced MANY MANY kids and young adults around the globe to ska music. Many people bought this album not knowing what ska was, or having heard the term thrown around the radio and MTV. It was the perfect gateway album, exposing people to the modern sounds of ska music, but also letting them here where the roots of the music came from.

The original album contained 14 tracks, now with this re-press (in which we recaptured the audio from the original DAT masters) the album contains a whopping 22 tracks! 6 of which have NEVER been released, 4 of those 6 have never been heard by anyone else outside of the people who played on them! The following track WAS a FACEBOOK exclusive report.

This release will be a joint release between Megalith Records and Party House Records in the UK! We are very excited to work with this label and help expose the English to best post 2Tone band still on the scene today!

Track listing:
1. 2Tone Army (Hingley)
2. Talk Is Cheap (Hingley)
3. Friends (Hingley / Ugbomah / Toasters)
4. Secret Agent Man (Barri Sloan)
5. Chuck Berry (Hingley)
6. Mouse (Reiter)
7. Hard Man Fe Dead (C. Campbell)
8. Don't Come Running [Extra Intro] (Faulkner)
9. Properly (McCain / Ugbomah)
10. Maxwell Smart (Irving Szathmary)
11. I Wasn't Going To Call You Anyway (Hingley)
12. Speak Your Mind (Hingley / Rice)
13. Skaternity (Reiter / McCain)
14. Dave Goes Crazy (Rimsky-Korsakov)

[Bonus Tracks]
15. 2Tone Army [Special Forces Version] (Hingley)
16. Skar-Toon [Unreleased] (Brown)
17. Retroactive [Unreleased] (Reiter)
18. Speak Your Mind [Instrumental] (Hingley / Rice)
19. Skaternity [Demo] (Reiter)
20. Moon Ska Stomp [Unreleased] (Hingley / Toasters)
21. Speedy Gonzales [Unreleased] (Hingley / Toasters)
22. 2Tone Army [Blues Reprise] (Hingley)