Donnie V - Hard Rain Fall - CD

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Donnie V was born in the home of the Blues. He began playing guitar and singing in church in his high school years, and in the 80's formed the Southern California Christian punk band Outcast. In 1992, Donnie began performing traditional Blues. "I always had a love for the Blues and was playing them at home I just didn't think there were that many people who felt the same way". Within a matter of years he was opening for Jimmie Vaughan, Duke Robilard, Canned Heat, Leon Russell and John Mayall.

Hard Rain Fall is Donnie V's first Gospel Blues CD, and his first release on Golly Gee Records. Just a harmonica, acoustic or dobro guitar, boot slappin' and an honest voice delivering traditional blues ranging from Boogie to Delta... a sound sometimes reminiscent of the wildly popular movie soundtrack Brother, Where Art Thou?

Track list:
1. I'm Goin'
2. Minute By Minute
3. Home
4. Blues In My Soul
5. Did God Leave The Country
6. Glory Train
7. Hard Rain Fall
8. You're My Rock
9. When You're Not There
10. Tear Bottle Blues
11. I Miss U
12. Starlight

Bonus Track:
13. Home Up In The Sky