Ray Condo And His Hard Rock Goners - Condo Country - CD

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A scrappy, silly, sometimes sinister set of rock-and-billy hybrids from this esteemed Canadian crew. The production, particularly the vocal mix, is sometimes rickety, but the music is vibrant and alive. The use of the violin in a rockabilly/hillbilly boogie context is interesting and unusual; might not make the snobbier, purist elements of the rockabilly scene happy, but it's kinda cool from an alt-country perspective.

Track Listing:
1. Ice Cold Water
2. Honkey Tonk Mind
3. Catty Town
4. No Use Talkin'
5. Lover Come Back To Me
6. Barroom Crazy
7. Pepstepper´s Stomp
8. Tomorrow Night
9. Great Shakin' Fever
10. I´m Coming Home
11. Hold Me Baby
12. Whoa Mule
13. Way Out There
14. Mister Who
15. Sinner
16. I Wish It Had Been A Dream
17. Bitter Tears
18. Done Gone Crazy
19. Blast Off
20. Crazy Mixed Up World
21. Hot 'N' Cold
22. The Sinister Urge
23. Skala Bop Baby
24. Jolie Ti Catin
25. Your True Love
26. Pocketful Of Rainbows