Charlie Hightone And The Rock-It's - Rock-It, Man, Rock-It! - CD

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Charlie Hightone and the Rock-Its' powerfull rockabilly band formed at the beginning of 2002 with members of other groups dedicated in the Spanish scene such as: " Nitemares" , " Jett Darren & The Doggone Riders " or " Anabelle and the Rock-A-Belles ". With the experienced basic rhythm of Juan Fresneda (drums, washboard ) and Adolfo Ruiz (double-bass),we added the elegant and powerful guitar of Ricardo Cuenca , concluding the band with the (without a doubt ) best male voice in the Spanish Rockabilly scene : Ivan Vela (vocals , acoustic guitar ).

Throughout a year of concerts and mini tours directly sharing the stage as much inside as out of Spain, with international bands such as Graddy Rusters " or " Cherry Casino" and with a composed repertoire by chosen themes of 50s Wild Rockabilly we incorporate to the band a second electric guitar and Lap Steel : Emilio Fuentes who gives strength to the sound and a definitive form to the project.

In 2005 throughout a series of exciting concerts and acts in nternational Festivals next to groups such as the quality of "Jets" , "Space Cadets" , "Restless" or "Carlos and the Bandidos" record their first CD with Sleazy Records, compositions of this work appear in various compilations, as much in Spanish as in American, being praised by all critics.

1. Dream Machine
2. Crazy A3 Boogie
3. Tryin' To Guess Your Blues
4. Lover's Curse
5. So Tired Of Cryin'
6. Get Out Of My Bed
7. Let's Rock Tonight
8. So Long Baby
9. Rebound
10. When My Star Turns Off Again
11. Devil Around