Doomsday Rockers - The Chair - CD

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The Chair is the band's fourth album. Gracing the cover is a grainy picture of an electric chair. The grisly image gives a clue to the theme of the title track in which a prisoner on death row plots his escape from impending execution. The Chair is among 13 of the 15 tracks on this CD written by the band's singer and guitarist Colin Evans. In fact there's only one cover - the instrumental Scratchin'.

Proud To Be which opens the album, is a footstomping tribute to Teds. Hey Watcha Looking At and Vampire Bat are typically raucous rockers but it's in the lilting ballads It's Only Love and I Feel Such A Fool Over You that the band's versatility shines through.
"We are not a ballad band," says bass guitarist Andy Tate. "But Colin wrote It's Only Love as our take on a Buddy Holly style. I think we did it just to prove we could but I doubt we will ever do it live."
The only song on this album penned by Andy is Begging You Baby an exhilerating bluesy bopper enlivened by Bob Cotton's guest appearance on double bass. The first few seconds of the track give a taster of the song in muffled tones as it would be heard reverberating from the house of a noisy neighbour. A voice pleads for the noise to be turned down.
"It's a bit of self indulgence on our part," explains Andy. "But there is a story behind it all. Colin and myself have known each other since we were nippers. In fact we used to live next door. I was the first to start playing guitar around the age of 11. We all went to the same school as Bob and Ray Cotton, whom I'm sure you know as The Jets.

Track listing:
1 Proud To Be (Colin Evans)
2 Yeah Yeah (Colin Evans)
3 All Fier Up (Colin Evans)
4 Begging You Baby (Andy Tate)
5 Vampire Bat (Colin Evans)
6 I Just Wanna See My Baby (Colin Evans)
7 The Chair (Colin Evans)
8 Street Fighting Man (Colin Evans)
9 I Feel Such A Fool Over You (Colin Evans)
10 Something Taboo (Colin Evans)
11 Two Steps From Heaven (Colin Evans)
12 Hey Watcha Looking At (Colin Evans)
13 Violin Girl (Andy Tate)
14 Scratchin (E. Cochran/J. Capehart)
15 Its Only Love (Colin Evans)