Neva River Rockets - Time To Have A Time - CD

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3rd album from the Russian Neva River Rockets with 17 tracks of traditional style of Rockabilly, Hillbilly Blues Bop! Most of the tracks are brand new originals written by Kirill Prasalov. Among these goodies you will find one cover from Hank Williams. A great addition to your collection!

The Neva River Rockets are probably the best and the most interesting band emerged to the world rockabilly scene from Russia. That is proved by two albums with a lot of original songs issued by a Swiss record label TCY-Records. By annual European tours which attract more and more people every time. By acknowledgements from influential persons like Sean Mencher from High Noon, Pete Hakonen from Goofin Records etc. By excellent guitar picking and own recognizeable manner of playing rockabilly music. By a number of Western singers wishing to have the Neva River Rockets as a backing band like Red Martin from Germany, Mr. R. J. from Holland and, this year, brilliant Karling Abbeygate from the USA

Track listing:
1. Time To Have A Time
2. Twenty Years For Rockin'
3. Intercity Express
4. Ninetyfive Miles An Hour
5. I Bet
6. Aircraft Baby
7. I Need Nobody Else But You
8. Sleep Well, My Darling Anna
9. Hey Operator
10. I'm A Bird Dog
11. You Can't Afford
12. I Bet I'll Get Me Somebody New
13. Brothers In Bop
14. St. Velntine Funeral
15. Mein Street Rumble
16. Saturday Night, We're Gonna Rock
17. Mind Your Own Business