Crestlers - You Crack Me Up! - CD NY

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THE STORY SO FAR..... It all started 1983 in Finspång, Sweden with Harri Haapanen (Up right bass&vocals) and Kim Kylén (Guitar&vocals) as a Rockabilly band under the name The Driving wheels(thanks to T-Bone Burnette for the great song!). Around 86-87 they changed the name to Crestlers and started to write their own songs. The music was a little bit rougher and the influences came from all types of styles (Punkrock, blues,hardrock, country, rockabilly.....)

There have been some releases thru´the years on different record labels like Fury records (UK), Count Orlok (NL) and Zorch/Cainerock music (Swe).

The style is still tough, rough and dangerous ....!!!!!!!!!

1. Roll The Dice
2. I'm A Crestler
3. My Sweet Caroline
4. Lonely Man
5. Find Someone New
6. Don't Let Me Down
7. Wishbone
8. Silence Tells Me
9. Right Side Of The Line
10. Sick & Twisted
11. I Hold My Head Upright
12. There Was Love