Super Wood Chuck Zero One - Training Montage - CD

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Japanese psychobilly!

The man of influence of the Tokyo Bupleurum Root Billy scene! I release the 1st album of the shock to take off a veil at last at last! "WOODCHUCK" where Shimakura who played an active part as WB of that Tokyo skunks was formed in 1987 before the skunks participation has the career which has a long it while repeating many member changes and receives great support from core Bupleurum Root Billy fan and releases this time long-cherished 1st album! All songs cover (King Crimson, Cream, Sting-Rays)...It is Ricky Martin!) collecting, but will be that strong Wreckin'Tune of the important band where I carried one end of the Japanese Bupleurum Root Billy scene Genesis on in these days when Bupleurum Root Billy is losing a quality of Bupleurum Root Billy gives the scene a shock by all means.

Track listing:
1 Training Montage
2 21st Century Schizoid Man
3 Curse Me
4 Livin' La Vida Loca
5 Dinosaurs
6 Return of Jackie and Judy
7 Sunshine of Your Love
8 20th Century Boy
9 Wild Thing
10 Here We Are Nowhere