Johnny Nightmare - Psychobilly Scarecrow - CD

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Press release:
Johnny Nightmare proudly present their next onslaught of psychobilly madness, with the long awaited follow-up album to Here´s Johnny.

Psychobilly Scarecrow is a gut-crushing, skull-splitting, nerve-wrecking piece of no bullshit psychobilly. This demon of an album is even faster, catchier and more demented than the debut. The double-bass and vocal work of Dax Dragster is more mind-blowing and desperate than ever. Butch E.R.´s trademark single-string riffing leaves your ears bleeding and your head exploding, while Bone The Beater´s machine-like stomp makes Psychobilly Scarecrow come full circle.

You started playing with the devil on Here´s Johnny. Now get ready for a 35 minute ride through those parts of hell where even the devil fears to tread. Get ready for Psychobilly Scarecrow!!!

1. The Nightmare Begins ? Ridden By The Demon Goddess
2. Big Black River
3. Endless Hallway
4. Vampire In The Sun
5. Holiday In Hell
6. Outta My Grave ? Into Your Heart
7. Dagger Love
8. Ten Dead Girls
9. Voodoo Hate Tribe (Death Is Not The End)
10. Lucy Forever
11. Bloody Nightmare
12. Psychobilly Scarecrow
13. Surfing The Hell-gap
14. Bring Her Back ? Lucifer Rose From Her Ashes