Frantic Flintstones - The X-Ray Sessions CD

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A result of the friendship between Frantic Flintstones singer Chuck Harvey and The Sharks frontman Alan Wilson, the Flintstones found a home at Wilson's X-Ray studio leading to many recording sessions and much partying.
Here are the best (mostly unreleased) tracks from the long-standing Psychobilly band's "X-Ray" sessions. This long-overdue reissue has new cover artwork and new liner notes from producer Alan Wilson.

01 Unfortunate Jake
02 Devil-Torn Blues
03 Busted
04 Cotton Fields
05 Today Is Blue
06 All Night Long
07 Mean Mean Woman
08 Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
09 Diablo
10 Roses Are Blooming
11 Lunatics Are Raving
12 Chop Chop Slash Slash
13 Jack Rabbit
14 Oblivion
15 Poppin' The Pills
16 Love For A Nutter

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