Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

Very few bands survive for four decades. Even fewer are thosethat continue to reach new creative heights, long after legendarystatus has been achieved. Voivod were never like other bands: evenas the thrash metal scene exploded in the early ’80s, theJonquiere, Quebec crew stood apart, both as unique visionaries andas proud subverts of the metallic norm. From early prog-thrashclassics like Killing Technology and Dimension Hatross through tothe psychedelic explorations of The Outer Limits, Voivod have beenstandard-bearers for individuality and creative freedom for nearly40 years. Always defiantly out of step with prevailing trends butwidely respected as true mavericks, Voivod even weathered theuntimely death of talismanic guitarist and songwriter Denis PiggyD’Amour in 2005. Buoyed by the support of their huge globalfollowing, surviving original members Denis Snake Belanger(vocals), Michel Away Langevin (drums) and Jean-Yves BlackyTheriault (bass) embarked on a new and challenging chapter in theVoivod story, releasing the much-hailed Target Earth in 2013, withnewly installed guitarist Daniel Chewy Mongrain immediately provinghimself to be a smart and dexterous successor to D’Amour. By 2014,bassist Dominic Rocky Laroche had replaced Theriault, and a newincarnation of this indestructible band crossed their compositionalbeams to forge yet more mind-bending, psychedelic post-thrashwizardry. Released in 2018, The Wake was almost universally hailedas the finest Voivod album since the band’s late ’80s heyday. Anextraordinary, multi-faceted prog metal colossus, it confirmed thatVoivod are currently enjoying a fresh surge of power and passion,even as they approach their 40th anniversary. The band realizedthat it was a great time to release a live album when they touredfor one of the band’s most successful albums yet.

Track list:
1. Post Society
2. Psychic Vacuum
3. Obsolete Beings
4. The Prow
5. Iconspiracy
6. Into My Hypercube
7. The End Of Dormancy
8. Overreaction
9. Always Moving
10. Fall
11. The Lost Machine
12. Astronomy Domine
13. Voivod

Condition cover: nm

Condition vinyl: nm

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Voivod -Lost machine DLP black vinyl w/ gatefold cover


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