Yellow vinyl with lyric insert. Limited to 250 hand numberedcopies

Enter Ultra-Violence, a young thrash metal band hailing fromTurin, Italy. Drawing heavy inspiration from Anthony Burgess’ 1962literary classic, “A Clockwork Orange”, Ultra-Violence packs all ofthe chaos, angst, and rebellious nature of Alex and his droogs into“Deflect The Flow”, the band’s second offering. Singer and guitarplayer Loris Castiglia, described the novel as being “perfect forour thrash metal soundtrack.” Surprisingly, not one song on thealbum is actually about the novel. Castiglia explained, “We admire‘A Clockwork Orange’ but never wrote a song about it. Using thedroogs and taking our band name from the novel is just a perfectrepresentation of the music.” “Deflect The Flow” containseverything you could possibly want from a metal album. By the endof the first three tracks you’ll already have broken out into aself-contained mosh pit, danced and sang alongside devilish basslines, and felt the thunderous riffs and pounding drums of “Gavel’sBang” at your core. A cover of Venom’s “Don’t Burn The Witch” justsweetens this particular glass of “milk-plus” and does more thanhonour the original work. Particularly surprising was theinterlude, “A Second Birth”, which boasts a beautiful orchestralarrangement. For an album that is extremely long by thrash metalterms (52:35), it suffers from bouts of repetitiveness which affectthe overall mood of the album, but only slightly. By the end of thealbum, if your spine still functions correctly, you’ll have heardmosh-inciting riffs, gang vocals that put Hatebreed to shame,blistering guitar solos, and the spirit of Alex marching throughyour conscious. A welcome bonus is the crisp, almost flawless,production and artwork by the legendary Ed Repka who is famous forhis work with Megadeth, amongst others. For me, Ultra-Violence’sparticular blend of melody, speed, and ruthless aggression is whatseparates this album from the rest of the current generation ofthrash. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into thisrecord which is reinforced by Castiglia himself who said, “It tookus one year to write the album. One thing we don’t do is writesongs on tour. If we have a cool riff, we will just keep it in mindor record it.” When asked about how the album was completed,Castiglia explained, “Pre-production recording begins at home. Wethen bring the demos to the studio which is a great way for us torefine the songs and finish writing easily and efficiently”.“Deflect the Flow” is everything anyone could want from a thrashmetal album. A viscous, melodic, assault that out performs manymetal bands aesthetically and technically while sticking to thegenre’s 80’s roots.

Track list:
1. Burning Through The Scars
2. Why So Serious?
3. Gavels Bang
4. Lost In Decay
5. In The Name Of Your God
6. A Second Birth
7. The Checkered Sun
8. Don’t Burn The Witch-Venom cover
9. The Way I’ll Stay
10. Fractal Dimension

Condition cover: nm

Condition vinyl: nm

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Ultra-Violence -Deflect the flow lp yellow vinyl ltd 250 cop


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