Civil Victim- No False Hope - LP

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After some timely delays Germany's Civil Victim unleashes their 1st LP of raw relentless pissed as all fucking hell punk as fuck hardcore. I aM not very good with these things so I'll let Razorcake further explain....

"Civil Victim are from Germany but sound influenced by American hardcore with some Scandinavian stuff to put some weight to their punch. I hear some Poison Idea in here, but it?s not some by-the-numbers type shit. Their music is beefy hardcore punk that has catchy and tuneful elements side by side with a dark and gritty edge. Songs like ?Sorry for Being Broke,? ?Personal Riot,? and ?Workmares? blaze by in a white-knuckled flash, then you get a song like ?Room Full of Christians? that switches back and forth between mid tempo and full on thrash. The vocalist has a shredded throat style; at times he sounds like Dez Cadena. Check out the title track, where his voice has a little more space instead of being buried under a roaring guitar. ?Where?s the Healing?? is my favorite of the twelve songs on here. Starts off with a hellish bang then attacks religion (a target always deserving of ire). The song has a little more noise going on and may be a little darker"

European pressing on Spastic Fantastic/Rinderherz Records

Side A:
1. Personal Riot
2. Puppet Existence
3. Where's The Healing
4. Vanished
5. Sorry For Being Broke
6. Room Full Of Christians

Side B:
1. The Great Surrender
2. Workmares
3. They're Coming For You
4. Leather Jacket Crew
5. Supplied Self Destruction
6. No False Hope