Don Juan Y Los Blancos - Mean Streak (7'') -

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Don Juan, a young Mexican immigrant, who came to the states in search of a gooder band...

After years of deep thinkin' and heavy drinkin', Don Juan and his Blancos finally assembled in the year 2008 A.D., exploding on to the LA scene, rockin' out full force, and charming the socks off audiences. This is about the time we found them wandering the streets, and gave them a home here on our little label.

The band features Don Juan and Becky Blanca, two dueling lead singers shouting their lungs out at each other, akin to those muffled screams that used to come through the vents from your parents room. They are the catalytic bickering you so desperately tried to sleep through, with the entertainment value of that drunk couple fighting in the parking lot.

The outfit is completed by their solid band of Blancos, whose pulsating vibrations will hit you HARD, like your daddy's ring hand.
....But all hilarity aside, if you're achin' for that rockin', soul-stompin', garage-crazed sound, Don Juan Y Los Blancos will satisfy it to the power of a zillion, and they might even call you the next day (but don't count on it).

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Mean Streak

Side B:
1. She Don't Love Me