Total Chaos - Freedom Kills - CD

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Punk's still not dead; for over seventeen years TOTAL CHAOS has proven this statement true, and has helped expand a genre that has outlasted numerous musical trends, gimmicks and novelties. Soon after their incarnation they released their first independent record, with the initial pressing selling out immediately thanks to the legion of rabid fans they had amassed in the underground punk scenes throughout the world.

One such "fan" was Epitaph Records owner Brett Gurewitz, who signed TOTAL CHAOS to his then fledgling Indy label. During their stay at Epitaph, TOTAL CHAOS sold over 200,000 records -- all by touring the world and by word-of-mouth only. It seemed that Epitaph didn't have the same vision as the band, so they left in 1998.After releasing records, lots of line-up changes and touring around the globe for years, TOTAL CHAOS came back with "17 Years Of Chaos" on People Like You Records. A compilation which shows/represents the whole musical and political background of the band. Hot off the presses, newest album in 4 years is "Freedom Kills." Including 14 new recordings, TOTAL CHAOS retain their mainly fast, aggressive punk sound along with a few street punk turns, especially for "Another Boot Party" and the umpteenth cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It.". They also cover the Misfits' "Attitude" to provide a respite from the heavier lyrical matter. Rob's hoarse vocals almost veer towards overkill yet do effectively convey his outrage. A loud, spiked and studded musical state of the union address.

Rob Chaos - Vox
Gearbox - Drums
Shawn Smash - Lead Guitar
Foffle - Guitar/Bass
DeDe - Bass

1. S.O.S. America 3:36
2. Final Solution 1:31
3. Rome Will Fall 2:35
4. Paix America 1:59
5. Horrorvision 2:29
6. Attitude 1:48
7. What You Gonna Do 3:12
8. Punks Coalition 1:55
9. Scholls of America 3:02
10. Freedom Kills 3:46
11. Civil War 3:52
12. One Way System Lies 2:44
13. Another Boot Party 4:12
14. Were not gonna take it 5:00