Bang Bang was born late in 2009 when Ana Salgado (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) and Ari Tomás (keyboard), started playing together Rockabilly songs of classics such as Janis Martin, Carl Pekins or Buddy Holly) while they improvised creating their owns songs.

Soon after they were joined by three reputed musicians from the rockin' scene, Marco Antonio López, Mario Cobo and Daniel Nunes that liked what they did and in the summer of 2010 the band started playing around the Barcelona area, and Masnou, Ari and Ana's hometown.

After some ups and downs, new members joined the band to get to the actual and consolidated lineup with Pedro Ortega (Brioles et al.), Xavi Roman (Quasars, ex-Broncats...) and Mike Segura (Sparkles, ex-Nu Niles...).

The band's sound is fresh and also powerful with creative lyrics and it is clearly influenced by classic Rockabilly without letting apart other musical influences, such as swing, country, neo-rockabilly...

Gig after gig, the band is building a contagious chemistry that reaches the audience. That's why after some concerts, (in particular to mention the opening-acts with Frantic Flintstones o Nick Curran), by mid 2012 they decided to get in the studio to record a first Ep, with an already mature style.

The 7? vInYl Ep with El Toro Records has just seen the light, with a selection of their best songs, ? and more news to come as they are already preparing their new album, that will hit the dance floors with their rockin' sounds .. Rock and Roll à la Bang Bang!

Track listing
Side A:
1 I Don't Care If I'm Blue
2 Troubles Let's Nuke 'Em High

Side B:
1 Electric Shock
2 All That Dreams



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