5 EURO Latvia Baltic Way 25 year anniversary Latvian ,Lithuania ,Estonia silver coin proof BOX COA !!!!!!!! ITEM HAVE ORGINAL SERTIFIKATE AND BOX !!!!!!!! Face value: 5 euro Weight: 22.00 g; diameter: 35.00 mm Metal: silver of .925 fineness; quality: proof; with colour print (7 colours) on the obverse Struck in 2014 by Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (the Netherlands) Artists: Visvaldis Asaris (graphic design), Ligita Franckevica (plaster model) Obverse The obverse is crossed by a braid with ribbons in the colours of national flags of the three Baltic Republics woven in it. The inscription "5 euro" is on the right. The lower left part of the obverse bears the semi-circled inscription BALTIJAS CELŠ 1989, with the year 2014 on the right. Reverse The reverse displays a vertical image of a tree trunk with exposed roots. There are two semi-circled inscriptions – ATMOSTAS BALTIJA (Awakening Baltics) on the left and LIETUVA LATVIJA EESTI (Lithuania Latvia Estonia) on the right. Edge The edge features two inscriptions LATVIJAS BANKA and LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA, separated by rhombic dots.


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