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Abstrakt hand-made acrylic painting, on paper- 72 x 52 cm

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Auktionen är avslutad

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Composition No.23 by Andrei Autumn

Size: 72 x 52 cm

Original abstract hand-made acrylic painting, painted on paper, sold unframed. The painting will be signed in the back unless a buyer requests otherwise.

Bright, brilliant, intense, rich, saturated, strong, vibrant, vivid

Changing, contrasting

Soft, shiny, glossy, reflective

Mood or Atmosphear________________________________________
Energetic, exciting, stimulating, thought-provoking

The piece could be displayed/viewed in 4 different positions.

The reason I state this that, is because even if I have my own favorite view, which could change from time to time, and from the intensity of light and angle, I prefer that a buyer, a viewer to decide for themselves what is the best position for the piece. And who’s to say, that the position can’t be changed over time.

The shipping package includes a certificate of authenticity and ‘Thank you’ note.
The shipping is free for Europe (Schengen Zone + UK).
Please contact us for other destination.
Shipped unframed in a cardboard box, rolled-up.