Bärnsten nackrem för hunden,katter,Skyddar mot fästingar(28-36cm S)

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Bärnsten nackrem för hunden,katter,Skyddar mot fästingar(28-36cm XS)
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100% natural amber collar with a leather fastener for dogs and cats.
It acted as a tick and fleal.
It works in two ways:
1. Amber is o containing aromatic chemicals terpenoids released creating aroma when amber is heated or rub. When pet wears amber collar, coat it absorbs resin scent secreted by amber. It is these terpenes is the reason for the ticks and insects leave your pet's coat. Although ticks are not the nose, they have an organ on the front foot, which allows them to feel the potential victim's scent. Incidentally tree resin nature works similarly, they are released to protect trees from insects .
2. The second mode of action of the electrostatic properties of amber. Electrostatic charge resulting amber brushing against your pet's coat and it is charged in the fatal fleal and ticks that are faced with the following charge of the animal fur. Fleas released into the coat receives an electrical charge and simply falls off. Electrostatic properties of amber was discovered in the ancient Greeks, who called amber electron.
It takes at least 1-2 weeks before the effect is obtained. For maximum effects, this amber collar should be worn 24 hours a day. After 3-4 weeks of wearing amber collar, starts most effective (by user experience). Application time - unlimited.
I really works!