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BATATOON CLOWNER MJUKDJUR - utgåva från år © 2002

Vi skickar alltid med samfrakt & We always arrange combined shipping

Två st Batatoon Clowner från barn programmet från Portugal med samma namn, TV serien för barn Batatoon är en serie med roliga clowner.

Dockorna/kram djuren är från året 2002.

Storlek: (cirka) Stora Clownen: 40 cm höjd - 23 cm bred (arm till arm) / Liten Clown: 32 cm höjd - 18 cm bred (arm till arm)

Mjuk djuren är i fint skick med etikett kvar.

Clown plush dolls from the Portuguese TV series for children Batatoon.

The clown dolls was released in the year of 2002.

The items is in good condition with tag/label.

Size: (approximately) Large Clown: 40 cm height - 23 cm width (arm to arm) / Small Clown: 32 cm height - 18 cm bred (arm to arm)


Batatoon was a children's show broadcast by TVI, in a Mirage production, from November 1998.

The clown "Batatinha" and his friend "Company" made the joy of many children in TVI, from 1998 to 2002, initially with the program "Let's go to the Circus". Some time before, they had worked together on RTP's Circo Alegria children's program. The success of "Batatoon" created a high volume of merchandising sales (megasketchers, buoys, cases, beach mattresses, bibs, caps, lunch boxes, boats, Batatoon Magazine, children's music CDs, etc.).

It is said that the program was suspended because of a personal problem between the pair of actors who interpreted the clowns that animated the program, however have not been shown evidence. It is said that what happened in the broadcast of March 15, 2002, was that the two became angry during a broadcast of the program and that they were physically and verbally assaulted and this situation was captured by the cameras. The issue was immediately cut off and the program was eventually taken off the air for a period of four years.


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