Vintage handmålade spanska tallrikar-4 Flamenco bildplattor från 1970-talet
4 vintage hand painted Spanish plastic plates showing Mallorca and Espana created in the 1970's

I've taken 22 pictures for these plates but can only upload 5 images on Tradera and if you would like to see more please send me a message with your email

Each plate is made of black plastic and has a photograph inserted in the middle and then hand painted to cover the whole plate showing a complete scene

The plates are from the 1970's and are a very clever and novel design from Spain

Three of the plates measure 20.7cm in diameter and 2.2cm high/depth and one plate measures 19.8cm in diameter and 2cm high/depth

There are 3 Espana plates and one Mallorca plate all in flamenco dance poses and the characters shown in the plates are all in costume

The plates are vintage and used and overall are in very good condition with signs of wear on the rear

All of the plates were used as decorative wall hanging plates but one of the plates needs the string to be repaired or replaced to be able to be wall mounted

Som köpare har du 14 dagars ångerrätt i enlighet med distansköplagen.
Varan bör erhållas i ursprungligt skick vid retur och du som köpare står för returkostnad vid ångrat köp. Var vänlig kontakta mig i förväg om du önskar genomföra en retur


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