Bulgarian military gas mask P-1 - uniset.
Data: The gas mask P-1 (also called PLDE - gas mask with facial breathing elements) has the same purpose as other military gas masks. It entered the Bulgarian army in the early 90's and is still used today due to its ergonomics and good characteristics. Its sorption capacity is as follows: sarin, soman, mustard, chlorocyan - 2 g; for hydrocyanic acid - 3 g, for phosgene - 6 g. Its protective power in relation to the regular ov is 40-50 minutes
The gas mask does not provide protection against CO (carbon monoxide) !!! It is ideal for protecting the upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin when working with pesticides, herbicides, aerosols, solvents, acids, alkalis, smoke, dust, pungent odors and more. substances absorbed by activated carbon. Protects when working in a bactericidal environment.

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