Adidas Trimm Dich Sneaker Box 1970 Rare Made in West Germany endast Box se bilder
So who or what is Trimm Dich? The cartoon character runner is ‘Trimmy’ he is the mascot from a public health and fitness promotion run in Germany in the 1970’s by the DSB (German Sports Confederation). After the economic boom experienced by the country at the time it was noticed that the health of the population was deteriorating with growing cases of obesity being recorded. So to encourage people to get active and healthy a series of fitness trails were built in cities and towns that ran through parks and forest tracks. These trails had wooden fitness equipment installed to make up a run with circuits routine thrown in. This campaign had the slogan ‘Trimm Dich, durch Sport’ which translates to ‘Get Fit, do sports’ and was used to promote these new trails and get people active.

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