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10st Shark Protectors Till SNES/N64 (Skyddsbox)

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Detta paket innehåller 10 stycken Shark Protectors skyddsboxar till Nintendo Entertainment spel kartonger

Shark Protectors! We know what the real collector needs when it comes to game cases: perfection!

And we are not easy to please! What do we expect?
1. The highest quality PET (hard case)
2. A perfect snug fit (no extra room for the game box to move around in!)
3. Locks on the sides to prevent the case from opening accidentally and to keep dust out
4. The most important thing: the clearest, hardest PET material available! Just like a hard case!

Shark Protector brand
Like all collectors, we hate fakes. With the beautiful see-through Shark Protectors logo on the back, you can be sure that you are dealing with the originals!

A special touch
The crystal clear Display Cases give your collection what it needs, a beautiful special touch!

Lock security
Extra locks on the back of the case keep the box and your collectables in perfect shape! Fits PAL & NTSC!

Strong materials extra strong corners!
The high quality 400 Micron PET material prevents your collectables from being damaged and keeps them dust free!

The SHARK Protectors case
The highest quality & best fit Display Case in the world! A must-have for every real collector!